عدن اوبزيرفر
عدن اوبزيرفر

The Sixth Yemen Exchange – An Intensive Online Course On Yemen

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The Sixth Yemen Exchange – An Intensive Online Course On Yemen

The Sixth Yemen Exchange is an abbreviated intensive online version of the Yemen Exchange organized by the Sana’a Center and The Exchange Foundation. The course is designed to provide unique access to information, perspectives, updates and analysis on Yemen for both those seeking to develop a working background on the country as well as those already thoroughly versed in its dynamics. During the five-day program conducted online, participants from around the world will listen to Yemeni analysts, academics, politicians, bureaucrats, business leaders and international experts to gain insight and a rare first-hand knowledge about the country from a wide range of perspectives. Participants will have the chance to virtually engage with speakers both during the sessions and connected with speakers they wish to engage individually after the Exchange.
The sessions themselves – totaling more than 25 hours – will dive into several specific areas, including but not limited to: Yemen’s multifaceted conflicts, socio-political dynamics, internal divisions and alliances among parties to the conflict, the possibility of southern secession, military and political developments on the ground, the status of various armed groups, the regional battle  for Yemen, the humanitarian and economic crisis, the potential impacts of the coronavirus as well as a variety of other topics.
Accepted applicants will be provided with details on how to securely access the course prior its start.
Request an application form via: exchange@sanaacenter.org

 Aug 03 – 14, 2020


Application Deadline: 17 July
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Abdulghani Al-Iryani
Senior researcher at the Sana’a Center. Prior to joining the Sana’a Center, Al-Iryani was a political and development advisor for many INGOs and international organizations in Yemen, including the Office of the UN Special Envoy for Yemen, UNDP and the World Bank.
Maged Al-Madhaji  
Co-founder and executive director of the Sana’a Center and regular commentator on Yemen for Arabic media.
Jamila Ali Raja  
Chair of the Sana’a Center advisory board.  She is a former Yemeni diplomat with the status of ambassador, senior analyst, lecturer and policy consultant, including for the UN and several European foreign agencies.
Maysaa Shujaa Al-Deen 
Non-resident fellow at the Sana’a Center where her research focuses on religious sectarianism, political transformation and Yemen’s geopolitical role in the region.
Khaled Bahah  
Former Prime Minister and former Vice President of Yemen.
Stephen A. Seche
Executive vice president of The Arab Gulf States Institute in Washington D.C., and former US Ambassador to Yemen..
Mohammed Al-Hadhrami 
Yemeni Minister of Foreign Affairs.
Abu Bakr Al-Qirbi
Former Minister of Foreign Affairs (2001-2014).
Abdulrazzaq Al-Hijri  
Head of the Al-Islah parliamentary bloc.
Hamed Ghaleb   
Office Director of Tareq Saleh.
Sarah Phillips    
Non-resident fellow at the Sana’a Center and associate professor in the Department of Government and International Relations at The University of Sydney.
Wolf-Christian Paes    
Arms Expert, UN Panel of Experts on Yemen.

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